South District

The B in Antwerp!

Amerikalei 113, 2000 AntwerpWe meet Sharon on a sunny day in the courtyard of her hotel where we are enjoying a cappuccino. It is a calm and peaceful place were guests can start their day or rest after hitting the vibrant town.

AG: Tell us something more about yourself and your passion about the B in Antwerp.

S: I have been living in Antwerp for more than 16 years. We arrived here due to a working opportunity for my husband, we fell in love with Antwerp and decided to stay. During these years I have raised three children and a dog and now that they have grown into more independent young adults the time was right to start something new!

AG: Was the house it love at first site? Did you need to do renovations?

S: My husband found the house and came up with the idea of starting a charming boutique hotel. The first time he showed me the house and, as I went through the rooms, I could visualize how it could be transformed into something unique and beautiful.

The platform of a hotel was already there but we needed to bring it to the next level. For example: we changed the space of the ground floor into a welcoming, luxurious lounge. A place were guests can relax after a day in the city and enjoy complimentary hot drinks and refreshments. 

The house was built at the end of the 19th century and still has it’s character. Some of the rooms have three extra large windows covered with majestic curtains and overlooking one of Antwerp’s more sophisticated streets. In our suites  you can enjoy a well-appointed bedroom and a separate sitting room for watching television, relaxing or making plans. Each one of our 5 rooms is decorated in a unique way and with the utmost care.

AG: The location is just perfect! What would you do if you were a guest in your own hotel? 

S: I have travelled a lot of cities in Europe, and I find Antwerp one the most beautiful hidden gems. I love just walking in the streets and enjoying the Impressive  buildings, and the nice atmosphere. The hotel is located within walking distance or a short tram ride from all of the city’s major sites, making it the perfect base for an Antwerp getaway.

AG: What is your favorite spot in Antwerp and why?

S: The old city center. I especially love sitting outside Zawong sushi restaurant  as you can see the cathedral in front of you and watch the people strolling and enjoying the beautiful city center. And the food is fantastic! 

AG: Why should guests, except for all of the above, choose for staying at the B in Antwerp?

This is not your ordinary chain hotel. It’s unique! Each one of our rooms have been designed with the utmost care so you can enjoy a warm and cozy atmosphere in a luxurious setting, whether you are on a vacation or in town for business. Special attention has been paid to every little detail and room facilities are of the highest standard and appointed with upscale toiletries, all aimed at making your stay enjoyable and memorable.

Thank you Sharon! Wonderful to have met another “Antwerp Passionate” !